Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kerry Walsh has Kinesio Tape, not a Tattoo

Two of the most searchable items on August 9, 2008 were kinesio tape (2nd) and kerri walsh tattoo (5th). These two searches were definitely connected.

Let’s start from the brief review, who is Kerri Lee Walsh is an American professional beach volleyball player. She captured the public’s imagination in 2004 by bringing home a Gold Medal from the Athens Summer Games, and soon afterwards started a stretch of 50 consecutive match victories. Walsh and May-Treanor have also captured the SWATCH-FIVB World Championships in 2003 (Rio de Janeiro), 2005 (Berlin) and 2007 (Gstaad). And now she is a part of the team on Olympic Games in China.

As you see on the picture below, she is wearing small tattoo on her right shoulder.


So, it was not a surprise, when the bigger tattoo was seen on the recent translations from Olympics. However, it is not a Tattoo. Kerry Walsh has, what is called a Kinesio Tape.

The taping is done to increase blood flow through the muscles. It is used in chiropractic, rehabilitation and sports medicine. Developed 25 years ago by Dr. Kenzo Kase, Kinesio taping is now getting recognition and being used by top athletes such as Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, David Beckam, Robby Ginepri and Justine Henin.

Kinesio Tape works by giving support like a flexible brace and facilitates weak muscles with neurological awareness or proprioception. Kerri Walsh had a recent rotator cuff surgery last November. NBC reported that she uses it for better circulation and her shoulder pain.

More information about the medical features of the Kinesio Tape you can get from manufacturer’s Web Site: