Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cell for Cash: Get Paid to Recycle your Mobile Phone

You want to get rid from your old mobile phones? You are not alone. Cell for Cash was rated as the second most popular Google search yesterday, August 4, 2008.

As many other people, you are getting a new cell phone every year or every two years. And, it is not easy to trash your old friend, your old cell phone. It might be not as good, as your new one, but it still works. So, the old dusty phones are piling little-by-little in your storage. And if you need to empty space, you just put the older models in the trash bin. But remember that mobile phones are full of chemicals that leach into groundwater from landfills. In California, for example, they are considered hazardous waste.

Did you know that an estimated 130 million, or roughly 65,000 tons, of cell phones are retired every year in the United States?

There are several companies offering you money for your phone recycling. One of them - Cell for Cash. The company is listing hundreds of manufacturers and related phone models that can be accepted for modern rebates. When you find your model listed, you can request a postage-paid box. Send it back with your phone and charger, and once the company verifies the contents, you will receive a check. Not all phones are worth cash, though; many older models are listed on the site as "Free Recycling," which means they have no resale value. Even thou, you might still send it for recycling if you care at least a bit of the environment. Besides, Cell for Cash refurbishes the phones and sells them in developing countries, applying affordable pricing. So, your phone might get a second life as well.

Check the listing at http://www.cellforcash.com/

If your phone is not listed, you can find a better deal at the competitive sites:


Anonymous said...

After getting a purchase number online, I shipped my phone to PhoneIsCash.com. However, I did not hear back from them. When I went back online to see why, I discovered that they will often "disqualify" a phone for any reason and not report back to the sender/seller. According to their terms as stated online, when a phone is disqualified, the company merely keeps it -- they do not return it or respond to inquiries about it. Their phone is always answered by a fax machine and they do not reply to emails or faxes. Evidently, I was supposed to send the dead battery with the phone, and when I did not, they kept my phone and refused to reply to my further inquiries and my repeated offer to send the dead battery so I could get paid. Do not use this company.

Michael Pekker said...

Appreciate your warning!
Readers, beware!