Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dead Body of Bigfoot Found! Hoax or Not? You Decide!

Google Trends for August 13, 2008 have several closed searches that drew my full attention: bigfoot found - line 11, bigfoot - line 18, bigfoot body - line 27, searching for bigfoot - line 33, bigfoot pictures - line 34, bigfoot georgia - line 36, and more and more. If you even did not hear or see the story, you can create your version, based on these keywords. You know, that the Bigfoot dead body was found in Georgia (For sure, it is Georgia in the USA, Georgia near Russia has enough other dead bodies), and the pictures were taken.

So, what is the story?

Two men from the state of Georgia, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, claim to have found the carcass of a 7’ 7" apelike creature while walking in the woods in northern Georgia.

Whitton and Dyer say they will provide proof of their finding during a press-conference in Palo Alto, California on Friday, August 15, 2008 for one hour and one hour only, from 12:00 to 1:00. The proof includes photographs of the body and results of DNA testing, but not the body itself.

For those of you interested in the find, here are the facts.

  • Whitton (who also goes by the name Gary Parker) and Dyer found the body somewhere in the woods in northern Georgia.
  • They are currently holding the body of the creature (which they call the Rickmat Creature) in an undisclosed location.
  • Whitton and Dyer plan to have extensive scientific testing performed on the Rickmat Creature, so long as it is done by their own hand-picked scientists. These scientists must travel to the undisclosed location where Whitton and Dyer are holding the body.
  • Whitton and Dyer will allow independent verification to be performed on the Rickmat Creature. Provided that the verification is done by ’The Real Bigfoot Hunter’ Tom Biscardi. Biscardi is known by Bigfoot enthusiasts for his work hunting the creatures since 1971, and to the mainstream public for a 2005 hoax in which he claimed to have captured a Bigfoot live.
According to Whitton and Dyer, the creature weighs in excess of 500 lbs, and is covered all over with shaggy reddish brown hair.

More details may be found in a press release, along with advertising and links promoting Whitton and Dyer’s companies,, and Bigfoot Global LLC, Along with Biscardi’s ventures, The Bigfoot Live radio show, and his Searching for Bigfoot Team.

And just in case any interested parties get ideas that they might be able to profit off of the creature that is being held in an undisclosed location and has only been seen by a hand-picked group of people, Whitton and Dyer would like you to know that they hold exclusive rights to all images of the creature, as well as the rights to any and all money making opportunities that may or may not come from the discovery of the creature.
There is one image I could find on the Web for the creature, and it is claimed to be from Bigfoot Global LLC ( However, the site is down due to the exceeded bandwidth. I guess, many people have already rushed there to see the exclusive information.

But, there is also another controversial claim that it is all a HOAX. And, there was a simple Halloween costume to impersonate a fake dead bigfoot. Please review two videos, giving some more light on the people involved. Hoax, hoax, hoax. What else?

Bigfoot Tracker Video

Bigfoot Tracker - HOAX

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