Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Funny are VeryFunnyAds?

In the light of the coming elections and recent Olympics, it is not easy for other stories breaking their way to the Top Google Searches Hall of Fame. I was attracted by the two not quite leading lines very funny ads (line 74) and (line 79). Why? I just like to have some fun. Let’s have it together! is a website, sponsored by TBS (a member of Time Warner Company team) and devoted to the funniest TV commercials from around the World. They have Super Bowl classics, the Daytona 500’s funniest ads, hilarious foreign finds -and even a few that were too sexy or racy to be aired officially in the United States.

Videos are updated frequently, and you can personally submit the ad you liked to be reviewed by the team. At this time, you cannot download videos on your Hard Drive by any official methods. There I could find for you an example of the funny commercial from Netherlands:

Funny Commercial from Netherlands
Name: Yellow Pages: Shark
Netherlands 2006
Description: One false movement - and Shark will get you.
The renewed interest to the website has been sparkled by the “World’s Funniest Commercials 2008” yesterday on Olympic theme. The show is hosted by comedian Kevin Nealon and his wife, Susan Yeagley, a member of the Groundlings improv group. American commercials are included, like the one with the screaming animals on the road, but be sure to catch the United Kingdom spot that gives you an entirely different spin on “Toy Story.” This is the ninth edition of “WFC,” which has since spawned the Web site

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