Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Advanced People Search at Yatedo

Today, CNN published the technical review on the feature participants in the LeWeb conference (Paris, France), where the new Internet ventures had an opportunity to present their brilliant product, ideas, and future plans.

Among top “shakers and movers” was listed Yatedo.

In the CNN article is was presented as follows: “Most people have been guilty of "ego-surfing" -- entering their own name into Google -- but Yatedo takes this one step further compiling an online dossier about anyone from all available information on the Internet. Its creators hope corporate customers will pay for this "image monitoring service" to ensure no one is posting unpleasant things about them”.

The idea to mere ability to preserve Internet self-image in a proper way has definitely attracted the Internet-savvy readers, bringing the search for Yatedo to the top 100 Google Searches Listing.

Yatedo defined itself as “new generation free People Search Engine which lets you find and contact anyone on the entire web with any kind of information you have about the person you are looking for”.

Developers continue: “As Web is rapidly evolving into "data about people" and as one third of users' requests on traditional search engines is about "people", Yatedo has been made an intuitive People Search Engine which enables users to search, find and contact anyone using any kind of information he or she has on the person. People search has never been that easy thanks to the wide range of tools (advanced search, phonetics, ...) made possible by Yatedo technology and the search engine will at all times try to understand the meaning of your request to always give you the best results. What's more, using Yatedo, you may look for people all over the web and actually find real people, their information structured in a social profile kind of way. Better, Yatedo is an open social platform which lets users enhance their image and presence over the web and gives them the control over it”.

The free service is under active development, actually in Beta stage, but you can submit request for invitation from their site

If you understand French, you can get more information from the fresh YouTube invitation:

For those who (as I am) do not understand French, the best presentation of the potentials of this service can be obtained through the following screenshots (click to increase):

Will I personally join? Not yet, but I will closely monitor this service development…


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