Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to see all 100 Hot Google Trends Today?

Popular internet entity Google made life easier for a lot of bloggers, internet writers and just curious folks alike when they introduced Google Trends in 2006.

Using Google Trends is easy: simply visit the Google Trends page to see what the "hottest" trends are, or search any term to determine the popularity of the query.

Google Trends featured a list of 100 "Hot Trends", which would update many times a day to reflect current internet search trends. Google Trends is a useful tool when deciding what news to cover, what keywords to use most, and to see the item's actual trend. Google Trends can reveal if a search was "hot" yesterday, is still "hot" today and if it might continue the heat wave tomorrow.

This "Hot Trends" feature covered the top 100 Google searches, and enabled bloggers and online content producers to take advantage of internet search trends, and write about topics that are relevant and "hot" enough to get a lot of readers. Google announced recently that the way their "Hot Trends" feature worked would be changing.

Firstly, Google Trends wants their "Hot Trends" information to be more accessible, so users unfamiliar with Google Trends won't have to actively seek the search trends out. Now, when a search is entered into Google, if the topic is on the "Hot Trends" list, the trend's information will be displayed beneath the search results.

For example, if "boiled chicken feet" made it onto Google's "Hot Trends" list, whenever that term was searched, any trend information and the term's "heat factor" would appear right below the results, as opposed to someone having to go to Google Trends' page and look up "boiled chicken feet" from within.

As I mentioned in my previous publication on the topic, another big change to the "Hot Trends" feature of Google Trends is the number of items on the list. Previously, a full list of 100 search trends was profiled on the site. Now, that number has been reduced to 40. Google explains that this move is in an effort to coincide with the aforementioned change to the results display. Paring down to feature only the top 40 Google Trends enables the site to focus on only the hottest of "Hot Trends", and disseminate that information far more broadly.

However, if you still consider the “limited” hot trends list as a significant drawback, you still can access and investigate all 100 hot items at News on Rails Website (

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