Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Miracle: Mom and Baby Die, Then Revive

In our modern World, there is still a place of miracles to happen. And Christmas time is considered traditionally as the best moment for them to show up. This year, thanks to the media coverage, we all can be witnesses for the miraculous revival from death of two people on December 24, Christmas Eve. And the interest to this topic is strongly supported by the fact of getting the related search string to the respectable list of the Top 100 Google Searches.

A woman in Colorado says that a Christmas miracle brought her and her newborn baby back from the edge of death after she suffered a heart attack in labor. Her heart stopped beating during childbirth at Memorial Hospital and her baby boy was delivered showing no signs of life.

Hermanstorfer, 33, was being prepped for childbirth at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs Thursday morning. Her 37-year-old husband was by her side when she began to feel sleepy and lay back in her bed.

"She literally stopped breathing and her heart stopped," her husband, Mike, told The Associated Press. Pandemonium erupted as doctors and nurses tried to revive her with chest compressions and a breathing tube, but nothing worked.

"I was holding her hand when we realized she was gone," Mike Hermanstorfer said. "My entire life just rolled out."

Doctors told him, "We're going to take your son out now. We have been unable to revive her and we're going to take your son out," he recalled.

After the Cesarean section, some of the team rushed his wife to the operating room while the others attended to Coltyn. They handed him to Mike Hermanstorfer, who said the baby was "absolutely lifeless."

"My legs went out from underneath me," Hermanstorfer said. "I had everything in the world taken from me, and in an hour and a half I had everything given to me."
The doctors went to work on Coltyn as Hermanstorfer held him, and soon he began to breath.

"His life began in my hands," Hermanstorfer said. "That's a feeling like none other. Life actually began in the palm of my hands."

Stephanie Martin, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at the hospital, said Tracy Hermanstorfer's pulse returned even before she was wheeled out of the room and into surgery. She estimates Hermanstorfer had no heartbeat for about four minutes. She said in an interview that “Tracey was dead, no heartbeat, no breathing, she was as gray as her sweatsuit, and no chance of life.”

After their stunning recovery, both mother and the baby appear healthy with no signs of problems, Martin said. She said she cannot explain the mother's cardiac arrest or the recovery. "We did a thorough evaluation and can't find anything that explains why this happened," she said.

Baby Coltyn Hermanstorfer, who was born weighing 7lbs. 4oz. and measuring 19 inches long, is home now and doing fine. His original due date was January 5.

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