Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hot Trends are Shrinking from 100 to 40

In modern world, all the changes happen fast. About a month ago, overnight, the URL for this blog became outdated, as Google limited the listing for Hot Trends from 100 items to 40 only.

There is an official notification at the official Google Blog (9/28/2009):

Today, we're launching a new web search feature that will help you stay in touch with the latest trends on the web.

You might already be familiar with Hot Trends, which lists the fastest rising searches on the web at any given hour. Now, when you search and your query matches one of the top 100 fastest-rising search terms, we'll show you a graph at the bottom of page, with more information — like how popular the query is, how fast it's rising over time, and other useful data.

To coincide with this change, we've also reduced the number of trends listed on the Google Hot Trends homepage to 40 from 100. This feature, however, will show up for any query that matches the top 100. We hope this change will make for a simpler user experience, and help you focus better on the top, most interesting content.

This new feature is available in the U.S. and Japan. We hope it will help you keep up with everything there's to know about the latest trends online. No more being out of the loop at your office watercooler!

So, the new feature will add enormous visibility to the search strings, making to the top, intensifying the traffic to the items, which are already hot.


Unknown said...

Yeah, this is a sad news, hope Google change its mind. For now the only shows 100 trends.

Michael Pekker said...

Hi Deap,
Thanks for tip!