Thursday, July 31, 2008

TV Networks unite to Stand up for cancer

Stand up for cancer search get wide-spread public attention, and showed up on the 12th top line of the searched for July 30, 2008.

Stand Up To Cancer is really unique collaboration between the three major broadcast networks (CBS, NBC, and ABC) to simultaneously broadcast a fundraising telethon for cancer research on September 5.

"Stand Up To Cancer is an unprecedented collaboration uniting the major television networks, entertainment industry executives and celebrities, and prominent leaders in cancer research and patient advocacy in a major new initiative to move groundbreaking cancer research out of the lab and into the clinic," wrote the AACR in a statement on its website.

Since May 28, the campaign is attracting public attention, and on July 29 the organization finally revealed its current star studded lineup. The performers list includes Casey Affleck, Danica Patrick, Jennifer Aniston, Fran Drescher, Sallie Field, Christina Ricci, Lance Armstrong, Kirsten Dunst, Brian Williams, Elizabeth Edwards, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, American Idol David Cook, Meryl Streep, and other celebrities.

Interesting is that Fox that was also invited to participate in the telethon declined. It called the telethon worthy but said it was focusing on "the global outreach of ’Idol Gives Back,’" its charity effort tied to its hit singing contest "American Idol."

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