Sunday, July 27, 2008

The most surprising and funniest trends from Google is website dedicated to collecting, reviewing, and analyzing the most interesting, most surprising and funniest Google Trends, as collected by our site visitors.

Here, you can read, discuss, and rate for the most interesting, most surprising and funniest trends, associated with Google Search statistical results. is not affiliated with Google Inc in any way, and approach to the topic is completely different. They do not target providing the most complete and updated information as Google Trends does. They just review the trends that can be of some sort of interest to the site readers.

Users choose one of the three categories and submit the trend they have noticed for review:
  • Most Interesting Trends.
  • Most Surprising Trends.
  • Funniest Trends.

Site represents some kind of social community, where people can discuss the search trends related issues. It cannot be used for a serious research.

Access the Web Site through the link:

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