Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trojan.fakealert.5: Do you need to reinstall Windows?

The massive virus contamination by Trojan.fakealert.5 stroke the BitDefender users community, bringing the related searches to the top Google Hot Trends list. However, if you do not use BitDefender, you should not worry, and this is the only niche affected this time.

Yesterday, March 20, in the late afternoon, millions of users of famous antivirus BitDefender had their computers infected by a trojan virus type bearing the name “Trojan.fakealert.5. The company recommends all users to disable their anti-virus and give time to prepare a corrective update.

BitDefender users were surprised after updating to see all system files (dll) for Windows infected by “Trajoan.fakealert.5. This is a global phenomenon due to error, not a virus. This problem only occurs on those that are using 64-bit operating systems with the 64-bit version of BitDefender 2010.

If your computer does not work, does not respond … do not panic, all the users were asked to disable the real-time protection and to restore the infected files (if you did not deleted! If you need to reinstall your entire system) and wait until the next update of BitDefender.

Whitehatfirm received the following official response on the inquiry on the virus healing:

“Hi guys, I am Raluca and I’m writing on behalf of BitDefender just to apologize for this situation. We understand your frustration and we are surely working on a fix for this.
The faulty update has been removed and we are quickly working on a solution for the issues experienced by those who downloaded this update. Here is some background information on this problem:

Today (morning PST) we had an update for 64-bit systems (available on our servers between 8 AM and 11 30 AM PST) that caused multiple Windows and BitDefender files to be quarantined. We are creating a patch that will restore all quarantined files. The patch will be available shortly. We apologize for this error and we will work to prevent this from occurring again in the future.
BitDefender trojan alert update issue: BitDefender has released an alternative solution for users that are able to boot their systems. The details are available here:
Thank you very much for your understanding!”
And there the following email update:

“Again, we are very sorry for the situation created, due to our mistake we have caused many issues, and we understand and respect the magnitude of this circumstance.
Just to give you an update, the solutions can be found here:
If the provided solution does not work for you, then please try to run the patch in safe mode and contact our support lines with the exact error message, check out or our @bitdefender Twitter account.
Thank you again for your understanding, we will keep you updated!”

Many users already reported that they are voting against the BitDefender by switching to other antivirus providers. Actually, as this alert is fake, be cool, and do not panic. Most of the damage happened is related to the users’ attempts to resolve the situation and clean “affected” files.

I am not using BitDefender, and I would never use commercial antivirus solution as far as the free option with high quality of security exist, as Avira, Avast, and AVG!  But I for those who trusted BitDefender, I would recommend to leave it for good. Such errors are absolutely unacceptable for any antivirus provider.

Again, the solution is posted on the BitDefender website:

The KB article describing the solution for home users is available here since 3 PM PST:
For BitDefender Client Security the patch with instructions is available here:

For BitDefender Security for File Servers please follow the instructions is available here:

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