Sunday, September 21, 2008

iSearch - a Better Way to Find People Online

isearch made line 20 in the hottest news on Google Trends after recent announcement at the DEMOfall 2008 convention. It was introduced by its parent company Intelius as a brand new and more extensive search directory. When entering the site, iSearch gives you the search options of searching a person’s name and their location. A user can also search Internet screen names to find out more about their Internet buddies, as well as search phone numbers.

With iSearch, by typing in a person’s name and address, they have instant access to everything the Internet has on this person. iSearch may list several people with the same name in the same town or city, but the user will likely eventually get to the person they searched for in the first place.

If someone wants to look for old friends or family members, iSearch is positioning itself as the search tool to use. However, iSearch can only find information that is posted on the Internet, displaying all the web pages with a person’s name in one search entry. Of course, iSearch doesn’t magically pull this information out of thin air. It depends on what your search "target" has disclosed publicly online somewhere. ISearch simply does a thorough scanning of the web and collects and displays all that information in one entry for you.

Intelius’s CEO Naveen Jain explained that the older form of people search (e.g., Googling around, resorting to the White Pages or following people home) just isn’t up to standards in light of the social networking phenomenon.

Can you trust data received from the search? Sometimes... Do you think, the Michael Jackson’s profile below is real?


You can access the Web site and try isearching immediately:

No registration required!

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