Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do you really think your confidential images are safe online?

In the modern age of information, people are using Internet resources more and more to communicate each other, sharing their personal images and videos with their friends. Bloggers and chatters are also looking for the best ways to place the videos and images on the third party services for instant hot linking to their posts and messages. That will help to preserve account space and related bandwidth.

Appearing on the top of the Google Hot Trends today just prove the fact that these service, in spite of the existing variety on the offered services on the market. is a Video and Image sharing service that allows easily uploading, linking and sharing users’s videos and images. You can select whether to share the files in a private or public form. is free for everyone and there is no need to open an account so as to take advantage of its features. This service is really easy to use; all you have to do is type in the files’s name and create some tags for it and it is done. Your image or video will appear on the website in a matter of seconds. offers people the chance of searching for a specific video or image by the newest or the most popular ones.

Comparing with the alternative services as ShareAPic (images) or Flixya (images and video), the ultimate service advantage is an ability to use the service without registration or login to the account. However, while being free, TinyPic does not offer any way of revenue share to its users. So, if you are blogger, focused on monetization of your content, TinyPic will not be a best pick for you. If you do not care on the profits generation, I would definitely recommend a close look on its service offerings. The service is fast and reliable. TinyPic™ owned and operated by, another free Image and Video Hosting company.

On the list of 25 Free Images Sharing Services for Bloggers, TinyPic is rated 4 of 5.

The regular service review is just a first part of the topic I would want to discuss today. As it is introduced by the developers, there is opportunity to load the pictures and videos on the site with intention to make the files private. And the site indeed does everything possible to keep them private. However, is that really the case?

Nav.Net is a Fusker engine for intelligent image and video search and downloading. It can help unauthorized person to get access to the media files, which were not intended to his eyes. But since the site and the software (actually, there is much more than one offering on the market) are freely available, those how consider their data absolutely private, should be aware that it is not entire truth.

Please review the video with brief fusking tutorial.

Nav.Net - Intelligent Image and Video Utility

NavNet Developers Site:

Direct downloading link:

I am neither promoting such kind of activity, nor using it myself. But I also do not store confidential photos online. Please use the software to check how secure your safe storage is.

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