Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keep your Secrets for yourself on your iPhone!

For several days, one of the most popular posts on Yahoo! is related to the few useful tips on how to improve your productivity while working with touchpad of the mobile computer devices and smart phones. That is quite understandable as more and more new features are introduced in the modern gadgets, and more our daily tasks are delegated to them.

The post reminded me on a very different topic – safety of your most sensitive information. Think about possible consequences of your pictures or notes to be found by somebody you would rather not share this information with. The outcomes may range from slight confusion to compete disaster. So, you need a virtual “safe” on your smartphone to keep there your private and touchy information.

Today, I would like to present a relatively new application for iPhone and iPad with very characteristic title: My Secret Folder. My Secret Folder's icon looks like an iOS Folder (that's because its designed exactly the same) but what it actually is, is a private, passcode enabled app that stores pictures, movies, notes, contacts and a bunch of things you don't want people to accidentally stumble upon. It even has a porn mode browser!

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But probably best of all is if someone accidentally opened the app and entered the wrong passcode, the app will snap a picture of the culprit, tag a location to the incident and keep it on file for when you return. Feel free to carry your "sensitive material" on your iOS device from now on, as you are the only one who has access to it.

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So, if your iPhone is stolen or used by a stranger, it will take snaps of that person while using your iPhone. It’s not enough as it will take spying actions like mailing you about the location of your iPhone or iPad. Hence you can locate the thief and can get back your stolen iPhone.

While the application has some extra interesting features, the few, described above are already sufficient for privacy oriented users to try the application. The PRO version costs $0.99 for limited time in iTunes store.

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