Friday, March 6, 2009

Celebrity look a like generator with no relation to Chris Brown

Celebrity look a like generator got to the top lines of the Google Trends searches today. It is always interesting to follow why the search string came to the public spotlight, and in this case it is related to Chris Brown court appearance. Link between Chris Brown and celebrities a look like can be found in the article in the People Magazine. But I will not develop and elaborate the post in that direction. I do not follow celebrities, and frankly I do not know who Chris Brown is, and why he got in some kind of mess.

So, let’s get back to the source and discuss online web2 celebrities’ look like utilities, the topic that is more interest me than all celebrities’ altogether. There are several celebrities look alike generators found on the Web, and I will present 3 of them:

My Heritage

I have presented this online utility about a year ago in the article Face Recognition Technology for Fun. My celebrity Look-alikes section presents just a small part of the services, provided by this site.

You need to register with the site first, than reject plainly all the offers they present, and only than you can get your collage. You can choose among several templates to present the pictures of celebrities you look like




Celebrity Matchup by Picitup is easier and faster to work with. You upload the image, choose gender and wait for quick face recognition and match. In my case, there was just single photo that matched my pic. Output can be sent to a friend or embedded as a widget onto your page or blog post. If you use FireFox as your browser, you can install special plug-in to be able to use the site operational capabilities from within the browser.



This site is mostly focused on matchmaking, but also provides the ability to match to the known celebrities. The site is rough, some functions were not translated correctly, and they did not accept for some reasons my photo (the same one that was accepted by other sites). You can try, may be you will have a better luck.


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Anonymous said...

Nice story!
Facebook has a status-paste-annoyance going around to post your celebrity doppleganger as your pic for the week. Sadly, everyone seems to be doing it.